Caitlyn and Wyatt – Wedding Highlights

Video Score: five / five

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  1. Film a wedding or get married? lol

  2. i gotta do this in two weeks ughhh ha

  3. fuck u this women

  4. Thanks :)

  5. Brother this is freaking sweet man. Good job

  6. I’m only 16 haha, but maybe book it waaay in advance? Naw, I just wanted to letcha know your vids are enjoyed 🙂

  7. Haha getting married soon? Glad you liked it.

  8. I wana hire you…hehe.
    VERY nice job. I don’t know these people but goodness, I teared up haha :/

  9. Thanks!

  10. awh:D

  11. What a beautiful sanctuary! Very nice video for the bride and groom to share! 🙂