Saudi wife forced divorce at her wedding ceremony

A Saudi husband got divorce from his wife on the day of his wedding because the bride alarmed him. His reason was not because the lady put on too much makeup. The fact was that the groom had no idea how the bride would look like before she walked down the aisle.

In an initial report, it was reported that the Saudi man agreed to tie the knot with a woman he would never met face to face earlier. This is a popular tradition in a few Middle East nations where a man and woman agree to tie the knot before ever they are formally introduced.

When it was the brides time to lift up her veil, this was not for a kiss; the photographer asked that she show her face. He asked to click a photo of the groom and the bride after they took their wedding vows. Things apparently went from bad to worse at one point. As the bride started to smile for the snap, the groom dissented in disgust.

It was reported that when they looked at the bride, the groom instantly divorced her. He told that he was sorry but she is not the women he looked for. Guests attempted to calm down both, but the damage was already done. The bride was almost in tears. There was serious backlash on social media regarding the whole issue.

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