Wedding Portrait Photography – Nikon D3 RAW editing in Lightroom

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  1. I honestly prefer Jared’s rendition, due to the fact the it’s a wedding portrait, it should be soft and silky. I don’t like the dark, and rough circles under her eyes in Greg’s rendition. Though I love the skin tone in Greg’s photo, I prefer the softness and cleanliness (if that is a word), in Jared’s rendition of the photo.

  2. I will vote something between Greg’s and Jarreds. But it is interesting that all those complains you hear everywhere about Nikon images being too green, people are actually voiting up Greg’s image.

  3. Greg’s is def green. Jared’s is a smidge red, but far better.d

  4. CivilSocietyUSA

    Greg did it better

  5. i prefer gregs

  6. greg wins

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  8. crazybballer135

    i love the way jared made it soft but if he could have fixed the red just a lil bit tht would have made it a lot better

  9. I definitely like the softer feel Jared went for. I feel that it definitely helped bring even more attention to the eyes. However, the skin is definitely too magenta. I like Greg’s skin edit way more than Jared’s. Also, Jared’s choice to bump up the contrast was smart. Overall, Jared won, but the skin is unbareable.

  10. I like Jared’s color better…but the red in Jared’s edit’s skin is…undesirable.


  12. Sorry Jared, but I think your skin tone is too orange for me. Greg’s style skin tone, to me, is much more usable.
    I think this because, for a wedding album, I particularly think of lighter shades, visually, to me, seems like a ‘dream’, a magical moment, after all, a wedding album.
    I agree with the great color contrast of Jared, but skin tones of Greg
    My Edit:

  13. Sinto muito Jared, mas eu acho que seu tom de pele é muito laranja, pra mim. o estilo Greg de tom de pele, para mim, é muito mais usavel.

    Penso isso porque, para um album de casamento, eu particularmente penso em tons mais claros, visualmente , para mim, parece tipo um ‘sonho’, um momento mágico, afinal, é um album de casamento.

    Eu concordo com o grande contraste de cores de Jared, mas, com tons de pele do Greg

    My Edit:

  14. photo editing is a personal thing. What you think is great someone else thinks its shit. I preffered fro’s edit. Just make sure in your wedding contract states no right to refuse based on composition and colour and whatever else to avoid conflicting views as there are so many chiefs and not many indians out there.

  15. def Jared’s althou it was quite pinky. Neg on the clarity for sure. Greg u did make her look quite ill with that green lol

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  17. Jared’s…!

  18. JARED’S!!!

  19. CapitanRodriguez016

    I prefer Jared’s color edit. It’s nice and soft. I was enjoying Greg’s edit until he went positive on the clarity; it exposed some of her blemishes.

  20. Jaundice… lmao! Completely enjoyed watching this.  Very informative and entertaining at the same time!

  21. jared killed gregs you guys are crazy

  22. I prefer Greg´s but no the skin tone. Green indeed

  23. First I would like to say that i can´t choose from greg´s or jared´s edit, both have their points. On the green & red issue I think Jared´s is more red than greg´s being green thou it is a bit on the green side. On another subject the relationship between greg and jared made this videos son cool its like they say what they really think about the edits, not the same with Adam Lerner they are just to polite I don´t think they are honest to each other, the RAW edits should have them 3….

  24. lightroom 3

  25. I like Greg’s edit better.