Woman On Welfare looking for tax payers to give for US$ 15000 wedding

Anna Broom has been on benefit since she was nineteen year old since she was deemed very overweight to work. Well, in total, she has gathered more than US$ 149000 in welfares but told that she just is not enough as she now wants taxpayers to give for a dream marriage costing US$ 15000. Broom stated that being a bride is a “basic human right” and that she is ennobled to a “‘traditional English wedding and party in a castle.”

A leading website reported that Broom, who is from Kent in Southeast England, is asking that her “dream wedding” be given for as a primary “human right.” Broom, however, is not asking for just any old marriage. Instead, the blushing bride told that she just wants a traditional English marriage complete with a party in a castle. And her request includes funds for a designer dress, champagne, church ceremony as well as a horse and carriage. Along with this, Anna also wants an extra US$ 3000 to cover her honeymoon in Mexico.

Anna told that she is very overweight to work, but that she has a primary human right to be a bride and that suggests a traditional marriage ceremony. Broom added that being a bride would increase the chance of getting a job as it would also boost her confidence.

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