World replies as the Cornwall police serve old man who pawned his wedding band for food

Help offers are pouring in at Cornwall police department from all around the world after the tale spread as how the officers purchased and returned a wedding band to an old man who had pawned it to purchase food for him and his ailing wife.

The event took place previous weekend when the Cornwall police were addressed to a report of a probable domestic assault. However, they found something else. Chief Dan Parkinson told that they saw an elderly couple who is struggling to survive. They had been married for fifty-four years and wife was suffering from dementia. For the past few years, her husband is working as her caregiver.

Parkinson added that officers attended and rapidly determined it was not a police matter. They ran across difficult times financially and he finished pawning the wedding band to get food. A bunch of around 12 officers as well as civilian employees joined together to come up with the money to purchase back the band that was inscribed with the words “together forever” and gave it back to the husband with a bag of groceries. After that, they got in touch with Alzheimer’s Society and the Community Care Access Centre to get some help for the old couple.

The officer added that it struck a chord with their officers. It was not a normal call. It was an emotional time for all once they determined what had happened.

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